Management in Health, Vol 14, No 1 (2010)

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Romania and the International Patient Classification System Context

Ciprian-Paul Radu, Nona Delia Chiriac, Cristian Vlădescu, Jugna Shah


Patient Classification System International (PCSI) Association represents an international organization where different professionals, administrators, decision makers etc. could have a continuous forum to discuss and debate current uses and future innovations related to Casemix classification and financing concepts. The Romanian participation of NSPHHSM specialists at the 25th PCSI Conference was the opportunity for making a comparative analysis of Romania with other countries which use or are in process of adopting the DRG system. The main conclusions of this analysis include: the need for a clear and coherent strategy of DRG development, better financial resources and support for the human resources from central and hospital level, improvement of the codification and data collection/reporting monitoring, development of the legal framework regarding fraud and an improvement of the communication between the actors involved in the system. We could say that Romania started in a good direction through the development and introduction of the DRG system, but it’s necessary to push for more efforts, professionalism and support from the decision-makers in order, not just to keep the system working, but to be sure of achieving the goals established at the moment of their implementation.

Keywords: patient classification systems, casemix, hospital financing, diagnosis related groups DRG.

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