Management in Health, Vol 11, No 2 (2007)

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An Instrument of Quality Management in Primary Health Care - The Board Table

Valentin Broască, Marius Enescu, Georgeta Zanovschi, Adela Cojan


Management express the activity to rule an organization, all the actions by which it follows an efficiency realization of a purpose with or by other people. Management functions are represented by planification, organization, control, communication, training, leadership, commanding, monitoring and evaluation.
Health management are evaluating health primordial, primary (family doctor), secondary (hospital) and tertiary services costs, using the process who establish the organization objectives and the necessary activities for getting those basing on disposable sources.
Quality is a characteristics set of goods, offered by the organization to the clients in purpose to satisfy their needs in a proper time with an accesible cost.
Donabedian defines the quality of health services as a balance level between the benefits and losts brought to the health.
The purpose of the study is the evaluation of the health quality  primary services from an individual medical office, usind own board – table and indicators of health quality als HEDIS and OECD’s systems.
On display in a board - table the descriptive analysis of the propre inputs, process, outputs, outcomes and own indicators of health quality’s results.
In future we will use the review to transform our resources into a real activities value.
Keywords: health management, quality of medical activity, board-table,  indicators of health quality, primary health services

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