Management in Health, Vol 11, No 2 (2007)

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Health Data Survey Possibilities Using Socio-Economic Classification Systems and Geographical Information Systems

Valentina Mihăilă, Daniela Florea, Mirela Ionescu


In actual context of the Romanian health system, creating and managing a health data base using socio-economic classification system and geographic information’s system will allow visualization of the population health status in close correlation with the existing socio-economic context.
The article presents an exercise which matches data from the Mosaic system with data from DRG system for answering to 2 questions:1. Why Satu Mare district has, for some years, the lowest life expectation of birth? 2. Which could be the benefit of using Mosaic system in the   efficient managing of the interventions for improving population health status?
Keywords: consumer segmentation system, health status, diseases prevalence, Satu Mare, Romania

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