Management in Health, Vol 23, No 4 (2019)

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CONSIDERATIONS REGARDING AGING POPULATION - manifestations, challenges and concerns in the medical-social field

Carmen Lavinia PANAIT, Marius CIUTAN


The accentuated tendency of population aging, currently registered nationally and internationally, is a process with numerous consequences and implications, manifested on several levels, and current concerns in this area focus on identifying issues that can be addressed and developing recommendations to be undertaken to reduce the demographic, medical, social or economic consequences. Similar to other countries, Romania also faces this phenomenon of accentuated population aging, with consequences and implications that are common to other countries, but also with particularities related to the way and level of organization and functioning of the medical system, aspects cultural, social, economic specific to our country. Thus, the approach of this concern is currently carried out, both at European level (within European consortia and cooperation in the field, in which Romania is also a partner, ensuring that through active contribution will benefit from the results of collaborations), and at national level (through national policies and strategies in the medical and related fields, thus ensuring that the common European recommendations are adapted according to national particularities).


Keywords: aging trend, consequences, medical-social, economic

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