Management in Health, Vol 11, No 1 (2007)

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Organizational Research – Key for an Effective European Healthcare Management

Alexandru Vlad Ciurea, Gheorghe Vasile Ciubotaru, E. Gheorghiţă, E. Avram


The present paper contains basic aspects concerning the perspective of research and development in health organizations under European demands of implementing new and modern management strategies. The necesity of a good management practice implies a scientific approach wich includes steps like: reconginion of problems, defining the organizational problems, establishing a research projects for «sensitive area», defining very clear the research program, collecting data, analysing data, design and implementation of a development program. Management is like medicine : we need to establish the diagnosis of the system, and than, we can make some interventions. Otherwise, any management solution without scentific validation are dangerouse, containing the risk of crisis.
Keywords : organizational research, organizational development, health

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