Management in Health, Vol 12, No 4 (2008)

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Clinical survey regarding the influence of low level laser therapy upon the physical functionality and pain in the case of children sprain

Valentina Mihăilă, Cristinel Palas, Georgeta Popovici, Albert Stanciu, Beatrice Frumuşanu, Mihaela Golumbeanu


This study presents aspects resulted from a project „FOTOLAS” (Photophysicalmethods of posttraumatic therapy on children, adults, aged persons and sportsmen).The goal of this study – to prove that the laser therapy could be more efficient than theclassical therapy with non-steroid antiinflammatory drugs in the evolution of minorinvalidant trauma , such as children sprain.Type of study – clinical experimental quasi randomizedMeasurable results – physical pain, degree of physical functionality (mobility), thepatient’ satisfaction related to received treatment.Finally conclusion – both treatments offer a decrease of body pains in a significantstatistical manner between the two moments of analised time (arriving to doctor andending of the treatment). There are no statistical significant differences between the twogroups of patients that followed laser therapy and non-steroid antiinflammatory therapy.
Keywords: low level laser therapy, children sprain, non-steroidal antiinflamatory drugs

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