Management in Health, Vol 20, No 3 (2016)

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Team Management and Motivation Policy for Employees in the Pharmaceutical Field

Anamaria BOBOIA, Diana Alexandra AIRINEI, Alexandra Diana ARDELEAN, Andreea APACHIŢEI APACHIŢEI



A pharmaceutical career implies offering managerial services in every field of practice. However, for a pharmacist manager to excel, he must own a series of skills, besides professional knowledge, like being a good leader, and he also has to perfectly combine theoretical and practical concepts of pharmaceutical management.


The aims of this study are: underlining the importance of a wide management knowledge for pharmacists, providing information for achieving an efficient management and the indispensable qualities that this position requires and also highlighting the need for continuous motivation of staff and providing several ways in which the employees can be satisfied in their work place.


The main method used to perform this study is the "desk research", which is a type of research involving the analysis of the information that already exist and are available.


The research results showed that within an organisation, the manager has a key role for the proper functioning of a business. In particular, a lead pharmacist is responsible for planning and organizing pharmacy services and operations, training, scheduling and evaluating both professional and support staff, coordinating the employees whom he works with and counselling them to maintain patients flow. A good manager should understand that success cannot be achieved alone, but alongside a competent team. Therefore, it is necessary to implement new strategies to motivate staff by supplementing financial motivation with rewards and recognition methods that do not involve just gratuities.


Whatever the field a pharmacist is practicing, fulfilling the manager role involves mastering management knowledge and adopting various tactics to motivate staff, to improve teamwork, to maintain a pleasant work environment, selecting the best employees to work with and maintaining them by his side, all ultimately leading to increase profits.


Keywords: management, pharmacy, motivation, team, performance.

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