Management in Health, Vol 20, No 2 (2016)

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Carmen Sasu, Marius Ciutan, Simona Musat


Diabetes mellitus remains one of the important issues to public health worldwide and in Romania, with an incidence and prevalence high and rising everywhere, encumbered by numerous and different severity complications and associated comorbidities with an important mortality and not least involving high costs for managing the disease and its related disabilities.

Accurate and timely diagnosis of persons having this condition and persons at risk of developing the disease is the number one priority in the effective management of this pathology.

Primary, secondary and tertiary prevention together could be the solution not only for the population by reducing the scale, but also for healthcare systems by lowering the significant cost involved. Primary and secondary research of the periodic distribution in national, regional and local level can provide valuable information regarding not only the intensity of the issue for people, but also the presence of risk factors in certain areas and could allow development of effective strategies on medium and long term, so such an approach to the issue is absolutely a need, a necessity.

Keywords: diabetes mellitus, Romania, spatial distribution, research, hospitalized morbidity


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