Management in Health, Vol 19, No 3 (2015)

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Carmen OPREA, Petre ARMEAN, Liliana Elena STANCIU, Anatoli Eugen COVALEOV, Mădălina Gabriela ILIESCU, Mihaela MINEA, Nicoleta CALOTA, Elena Valentina IONESCU


Both in Europe and in our country, the medical activity is carried out under the influence of legislative modifications seeking for perfection and optimal yield to the public. A health system’s setting up and functioning has as main goals the

improvement of population’s health, providing the appropriate services and ensuring the financial protection. The aim is to focus the entire activity within the health system on the patient, maintaining in the same time a fair balance between

the patient’s and the health care providers’ satisfaction.

In force legislation states as mandatory the accreditation of all hospitals in terms of health care quality. In this regard there have been developed and approved standards and criteria for hospitals accreditation. These include standards and criteria for evaluating the patients’ and employees’ satisfaction. Therefore, the evaluation of patients’ and employees’ feedback in public and private hospitals in Romania is no longer optional. Thereby, an important tool for assessing and monitoring the Romanian health system’s progress is achieved. In this study we intend to analyze the satisfaction of the staff employed in a public hospital unit, single specialty medical rehabilitation.

Keywords: satisfaction, employees, quality, rehabilitation

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