Management in Health, Vol 19, No 1 (2015)

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Educational Leaflet to Improve Mothers Knowledge about Utilization of “Maternal and Child Health Book” in Kalibagor Indonesia



Utilization of the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) book and knowledge on its functions are not yet maximized by mothers in Kalibagor Village. The indicator showing the MCH book coverage are still below from target, the value being about 65% on October 2009. The MCH book functions are: a means of recording maternal and child, a communication and education tool for health worker and mothers. This research aims to improve maternal knowledge about utilization of MCH book. This research is a quasi-experiment study designed to be applied for a group, tested before and after a leaflet administration about how to use MCH book (pre- and post-test). The target group of population is represented by mothers in Kalibagor Village. The group selected for this study includes 60 mothers from two integrated health centers. They are Puspitasari and Watugede integrated health centers. Results obtained by applying the educational leaflets show an improving in terms of  mothers knowledge (in Puspitasari) of 9,53 % and an increase of mothers knowledge (in Watugede) of 20,48%. There are significant differences on mothers' knowledge about utilization and function of MCH book.


Keywords: health promotion, knowledge, use of MCH book

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