Management in Health, Vol 19, No 1 (2015)

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A Model of Optimising Activity in Emergency Hospitals’ MATUCC Type Divisions

Adrian TASE, Sorina HONŢARU, Cristina STOCHECI


The MATUCC (Monitoring and Advanced Treatment Units of Critical Cardiac patients) concept launched in 2010 by the Romanian Ministry of Health aims an increase of quality standards in coronary care in Romania. The MATUCC of Emergency County Hospital Pitesti was founded in 2013 in the current building. Learning from the experience of some prestigious hospitals, we conceived a new model of MATUCC, more appropriate to the new standard of care for the critical coronary patient in an Emergency Hospital. The present paper displays the new model created in our hospital, harmonized with regulatory authorities exigencies published in 2012, model that may be uptaken and adjusted for other Romanian hospitals.


Keywords: MATUCC, new standard, emergency zonal hospital

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