Management in Health, Vol 18, No 3 (2014)

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Rajesh Kumar SINHA, Susanna KURIAN


BACKGROUND: Hospital Information System (HIS) assist the hospital staff in carrying out their clinical, nursing, administrative and other daily activities. Assessment of satisfaction of the end users in using the system is important to ensure the proper functioning of the system.

OBJECTIVE: To assess the satisfaction level of end user towards Hospital Information System.

METHOD: A prospective cross sectional study was carried out among 127 end users of HIS, including nursing, front office, administrative, para medical, medical records, maintenance and accounts staff of a women’s hospital of Southern India. The data was collected using a structured and validated questionnaire based on 5 point Likert scale from Extremely satisfied to Not satisfied (Score 5-1).

DATA ANALYSIS: The collected data was analysed using SPSS 20.0 and presented in terms of frequency, percentage, mean score and standard deviation. RESULTS: The study result revealed that the respondents were moderately satisfied with the general and module specific features (Mean score < 4). The issues identified were mainly related to Outpatient, Inpatient, Payroll, and Ward Management System to which suggestions were raised and implemented accordingly. The post-implementation satisfaction result indicated that the respondents were satisfied with the implemented changes. Their major concern was to have regular induction and refresher training and to include their requirements in the HIS to assist them in performing their daily routine tasks effectively.

CONCLUSION: The acceptability and sustainability of HIS largely depends on the inclusion of end users during the design and implementation of the system and their satisfaction with the same. The study result indicated the need to conduct regular and refresher training, and assess the end user need and their interaction with HIS on a regular basis to achieve maximum satisfaction.


Keywords: Hospital Information System, Health Care Organization, Hospital, Information, End user satisfaction




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