Management in Health, Vol 13, No 3 (2009)

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The Romanian Mental Health Study

Silvia Florescu, Marius Ciutan, Georgeta Popovici, Mihaela Gălăon, Maria Ladea, Maria Pethukova, Alison Hoffnagle


The article shows the findings of Mental Health Survey – Romania 2007, regarding the lifetime prevalence, the age group variation, the onset age of mental disorders, the projected risk by 75 years, and the comparison of the projected risk with the observed lifetime prevalence the proportion of those making initial treatment contacts in the year of onset and by 75 years.    
The lifetime prevalence for any mental disorders, among those of 18 years old and older is 13.4% with the onset in the adolescence or early adulthood. Among the mental disorders the highest prevalence can be found for anxiety disorders.
For some of the anxiety disorders (specific phobia, social phobia, posttraumatic stress disorders, panic disorders, and alcohol abuse with or without dependence) can be noticed an increase of prevalence in adulthood compared to younger ages, following a decrease at 65 years or older ages.
The major depressive episode registers continuous increase reaching the highest prevalence at elderly people.
The projected lifetime risk shows higher values compared to the observed lifetime prevalence. The proportion of those making initial treatment contact  in the year of onset is 32-63% for those with bipolar disorder, dysthymia,   drug abuse, 10,2-24,6% for mood disorders and agoraphobia and under 10% for major depressive episode, panic disorder specific phobia alcohol abuse and substance use disorders.

Keywords: mental health, mental disorders, lifetime prevalence, services use

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