Management in Health, Vol 17, No 4 (2013)

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Tangibility and Satisfaction at Government Hospitalsin Kerala: Analyzing the Patients’ Perspective



BACKGROUND. The most important resource of any county is its human capital. Realizing this, both the central as well as state governments have been spending huge sum of money for establishing a fairly good public health infrastructure. The people of Kerala, specifically is highly health conscious. But nearly half of the capacity at government hospitals remains unused. One of the important reasons for this is the dissatisfaction of patients with various aspects of service like the behaviour of doctors and nurses, tangible elements, responsiveness of staff etc. The present paper attempts to understand the key determinants of patients’ satisfaction with tangible elements at government hospitals in Kerala

METHODS. Data was collected from 330 patients across various government hospitals in Kerala by administering a structured questionnaire. The collected data was analyzed using factor analysis and regression analysis with the help of SPSS software (version16).

RESULTS. Factor analysis indicated that pleasantness of rooms as well as nurses, drinking water and sanitation facilities and timely availability of patient mobility facility are the key factors influencing the satisfaction of patients with tangible elements. Regression results indicated that there existed significant difference in the perception of patients regarding drinking water and sanitation facilities depending on the period of their stay at the hospitals.

CONCLUSION. Based on the results of the analysis we can conclude that pleasantness of rooms and nurses, timely availability of mobility facilities and drinking water and sanitation facilities are the main factors determining patients’ satisfaction and therefore the authorities concerned should focus on these issues in order to enhance patient satisfaction.


Key words: patient mobility, satisfaction, tangible elements.

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