Management in Health, Vol 16, No 3 (2012)

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Alin Liviu PREDA, Nona Delia CHIRIAC, Simona Nicoleta MUȘAT


Clinical coding is the process by which some clinical information about the patient are transformed into codes, to enable grouping of medical activities in a limited number of categories, that are easy to process, store and analyzed. The essential element in making a correct clinical coding is the allocation of each diagnosis or procedure in the group category to which it belongs, underpinning the general concept for the quality in clinical coding.

Modernization of health care involves the continuous guidance towards quality standards of both medical act itself and adjacent activities. Clinical coding is one of the key components of the coordination process for all stakeholders and has a major impact on health service monitoring, but also on morbidity assessment and estimates regarding the need for health services.

Good clinical coding is one of the essential elements for quality care therefore providing resources for this and implementing a clinical coding system will have a positive impact on the process in Romanian health system.


Key words: clinical coding, quality in clinical coding, DRG, health care financing. 

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