Management in Health, Vol 15, No 3 (2011)

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Laura Mihaela SUCIU, Manuela CUCEREA, Bela SZABO, Lucian PUSCASIU, Mark ADAMS


Although significant improvements in Romania health indicators were made since 1990’s neonatal, post neonatal and infant mortality rates remain high in regional comparison and continue to give rise to concern.

The chief aim of our project proposal “National Registry for premature neonates born before 32 gestational ages” is to maintain and improve the quality and safety of medical care. The goal is to build the research base in the areas of epidemiology/ health services research and Quality Improvement Science. We want to develop an Internet-based, real-time data entry, data management, and report-on-demand information system for: identify trends and variation in neonatal mortality and morbidity, to benchmark local trends, to monitor the effect of guidelines implementation.

We want to collect a standardized, anonymous set of data from every child born at participating hospitals or transferred to a participating hospital from another hospital without intermediate discharge home. Data will be submitting to the Network electronically and will be used to provide comprehensive confidential reports to participating hospitals. De identified data will be transmitted and stored anonymously. The issue of confidentiality arises in the context of the intervention, and in the context of our research activities. The principles of confidentiality apply for individuals and for hospitals.

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