Management in Health, Vol 14, No 3 (2010)

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Opening a private hospital in Romania

Mihaela-Luminita Staicu, Marius Savu


In Romania, health legislation encourages the foundation of private medical units. This article discusses the reasons why it is benefic to open such hospitals, especially in the conditions where the Romanians are faced with the problem of the diminution of the number of public hospitals, and consequently of the number of beds. The article also presents the legal conditions to follow in order to open such an institution and makes a short review of the most important aspect to consider out when discussing the subject of planning a new hospital. Because the private hospital not only serves the population, but also it is an institution that has to provide financial profits, it is very important to take into account aspects related to the location, the characteristics of the population to be served,  the financial investment and so on. Anyway, if planned carefully and according to the law, the private health units can influence the quality of the medical act and the satisfaction of the population, by the stimulation of the competition.

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